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August 30, 2023

It is extremely rare that the disease occurs in such a way that the symptoms are not expressed at all - dolichocolon in children is more common, in adults the incidence is only 25%. Normally, the volume of the sigmoid section of the large intestine should vary from 24 to 46 centimeters - a length that differs from the specified norm to a greater extent represents a dolichocolon or dolichosigma. The main causes of the disease remain a blank spot for specialists in the field of gastroenterology.

When the symptoms of a pathology have not appeared since the birth of the child, such conditions can provoke their manifestation in adulthood. Not the least important factors in the formation of the disease are many years of smoking cigarettes or drinking alcoholic beverages, the failure of the immune system and immunodeficiency states. If the disease was not diagnosed in infancy, clinical manifestations most often develop in people over 40 years of age.

Main varietiesDiseases consist of the existence of several degrees of severity. The following stages are distinguished: dolichocolon (dolichosigma).

Compensated. It is expressed by the periodic occurrence of problems with bowel movements. The duration of absence of spontaneous passage of feces can reach 3 days. You can improve the quality of life of people by following a gentle diet and using mild substances with a laxative effect. The general state of health does not deteriorate. Subcompensated. It is distinguished by a clear manifestation of nonspecific clinical signs.

The use of medications does not lead to buy avana online of the act of defecation - cleansing enemas are used for this. Decompensated. The most severe form of disorder of the anatomical structure of the intestine in adults and children. Constipation lasts about a week on average, and pain of varying severity is constantly disturbing. The clinical picture shows symptoms of intoxication and intestinal obstruction. To carry out emptying, they turn to siphon enemas.

Depending on the course of intestinal dolichocolon, there are The most specific symptom is that the elongated colon takes on an S-shape or forms several, less often, one loop. The specificity of the disease is that the symptom can only be detected during instrumental diagnostic examinations. As for external manifestations, the extent of the disease is dictated by several factors.

The main symptom is problems with bowel movements (recurrent or prolonged constipation). The more severe the pathology, the longer the period of absence of spontaneous passage of feces will be. Concomitant symptoms of dolichocolon-dolichosigma. All symptoms of the disease are observed in both children and adults. Clinical signs are nonspecific and can be observed during the course of certain gastrointestinal diseases. The process of establishing a correct diagnosis should always be comprehensive.

First of all, the clinician (gastroenterologist or pediatrician) must personally carry out a series of manipulations aimed at working with the patient. The most informative laboratory tests. Instrumental diagnostics for dolichocolon in children and adults will be represented by the following procedures. Elongation of the sigmoid colon should be differentiated from diseases with an almost similar clinical picture. After the diagnosis is finally confirmed, patients are prescribed conservative treatment. Treatment implies that the sick person will follow a certain diet.

Drug therapy is aimed at taking such drugs. Surgery for dolichocolon is performed quite often. Indications for surgical intervention. Surgical treatment involves proctosigmoidectomy (partial or complete excision of the affected organ). Ignoring symptoms and not treating dolichocolon is fraught with complications. Dolichosigma has such consequences. To buy avanafil pills dolichosigma from manifesting itself, general preventive measures must be followed.

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The outcome of dolichocolon is favorable in most situations. In some cases, people are indicated for lifelong dietary nutrition. The formation of avanafil occurs quite often, but consequences that practically do not threaten human life can be eliminated through surgery.